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2018 - London>Paris - Morgan+Clinton+Mom+Alfonso

Morgan bought the ticket, and we all followed. I flew into London first where I met her friend Laima, and stayed in their studio. We ate at Dishoom which is the best Indian food I've ever had. I eventually met Morgan in London where drank at pubs, sang with locals, ice skated after hot chocolate, and walked everywhere. We were met with the holiday bliss and embraced the festivities.

After taking the tube to the airport, we made our way to Paris to meet mom, Clinton, and Alfonso. We settled in an Air Bnb right by the Cathédrale Notre-Dame. We scaled the city to find the best french dip possible, while also visiting historic sites that mom remembers from her time with Aunt Leigh in Paris. Owen Wilson rode by us on his bike, and I finally beat Clint in a beer drinking competition. We drank champagne at the Eiffel Tower, and rode the ferris wheel at the holiday festival. I became a regular with the local Nutella crepe vendor, and Clint snapped photos of us that could be framed in the Louvre.

One of the biggest highlights was the tour of Versailles. Versailles must've been one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life. We caught a sunset and kept one headphone in to hear the history of the tour. This is definitely a place I'd like to bring my kids one day. Another lovely trip in the books!

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